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Bradenton Real Estate Litigation Lawyer

According to Tampa Bay Times, Florida was the fifth-fastest-growing state in 2017. As the population increases, so too does the number of real estate transactions. While buying or selling property can be an exciting time, the process is lengthy and disputes can arise at varying times throughout the transaction. To further complicate matters, Florida has sandy beaches that are in high demand. An article written in the Charlotte Florida Weekly highlights that Florida’s 825 miles of beach, some which is privately owned, may become more disputed as the population increases and the sea levels change. If you become involved in a real estate dispute you will need legal advice to protect yourself. At Suncoast Civil Law we have a team of experienced Bradenton real estate litigation lawyers who settle disputes successfully for our clients.

Real Estate Litigation Services Offered

Suncoast Civil Law is a full-service real estate litigation law firm, which means we represent clients during all the stages of the litigation process. We are confident that we can handle your particular legal issue and we are ready to have the conversation about how we can assist you. Prior cases that we have handled have involved:

  • Real estate agent/broker litigation;
  • Real estate contract disputes;
  • Condominium-related disputes;
  • Escrow deposit disputes;
  • Homeowners’ Association (HOA) disputes;
  • Loan modification cases;
  • Foreclosure proceedings;
  • Quiet title litigation;
  • Claims involving property insurance;
  • Construction defect claims;
  • Zoning litigation;
  • Eminent domain actions;
  • Mortgage fraud claims; and
  • Easement and property boundary disputes.

We Always Pursue The Best Interests of Our Clients

Our Bradenton recognize that a successful outcome for the client does not always come with aggressive legal tactics. We are always cognizant of what your desired outcome is and strive to reach it quickly and painlessly. That includes seeking out an alternative dispute resolution if it is appropriate. An example of this is mediation, which involves a third party to help you and the other party reach a mutually beneficial compromise, made entirely outside of a courtroom. Mediation is less expensive, less time intensive, and typically offers better results than litigation. However, if litigation is the best course of action, we are more than prepared to take your case to court. We encourage you to take action quickly, while time is still on your side.

The Experienced Real Estate Litigation Lawyers of Suncoast Civil Law Are Available to Help You Today

The Bradenton Real Estate litigation attorneys of Suncoast Civil Law are here for you in your time of need, and can provide solutions to all manners of disputes including condominium and escrow disputes. We offer comprehensive legal advice and litigation services regarding construction claims, loan modification, and much more. We always take the time to fully research and understand our clients’ issues in order to provide the highest possible chances of a successful outcome. Call us at 941-366-1800 for a free consultation today.

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