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Sarasota Homeowners’ Association Dispute Lawyer

In Florida, a disproportionately large share of the residents reside in communities that are run by a Homeowners’ Association (HOA). As a result of this, Florida has among the most advanced HOA laws in the entire country. These specific laws are designed to ensure fairness between HOAs and the residents who pay regular assessments.

It is not surprising that HOA communities are popular. When managed properly, there are a number of advantages to living in a building or planned community managed by a homeowners’ association. With the money that you put into a common pot, the homeowners’ association will be able to take care of certain management and maintenance needs and uphold community standards.

However, unfortunately, there can be some serious downsides as well. HOA mismanagement is a major issue, and disputes between homeowners’ associations and individual residents are far from rare. At Suncoast Civil Law, our experienced Sarasota homeowners’ association dispute lawyers have extensive experience protecting Florida homeowners in disputes with associations.

Personalized Legal Services: We Understand that Every HOA is Different

One of the many things that make homeowners’ association disputes so challenging is that each HOA community is different. They all have their own set of bylaws and rules that govern the community and the relationship between the HOA and the individual homeowners. This is why our Sarasota HOA dispute lawyers are committed to taking a hands-on approach with these types of claims.

When we take on your case, we will always give it the individualized attention that it truly deserves. Our lawyers conduct a careful review of the core homeowners’ association documents, so that we can fully understand the situation. Ultimately, your rights will derive in large part from the HOA agreement and the related documents. From here, we will use those documents in conjunction with Florida law to take action to protect your legal rights.

The Types of Cases That We Handle

We are a full service homeowners’ association dispute law firm. If you are a property owner and you are in conflict with your association or your HOA management company, we can help. Some examples of homeowners’ association disputes that we handle include:

  • Breach of the HOA agreement;
  • Breach of fiduciary duty;
  • The HOA’s failure to properly maintain the common areas;
  • Noise and disturbance disputes;
  • Property damage claims and insurance disputes;
  • Challenges of HOA liens;
  • Defense of HOA foreclosure actions and evictions;
  • Challenge of unlawful or unfair fees;
  • Legal action against the unjust denial of new buyer or tenant; and
  • Selective enforcement of HOA rules. 

Are You Involved in a Homeowners’ Association Dispute in Sarasota, Florida?

Our top-rated legal team is standing by, ready to help. At Suncoast Civil Law, our Florida HOA dispute lawyers have the skills and experience needed to protect your legal rights and property interests. To learn more about how we can help you, please call us now at 941-366-1800 to set up your fully confidential case review. We are proud to serve clients in Sarasota County and throughout Southwest Florida.

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