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Bradenton Consumer Protection Lawyer

Consumers lose close to $1 billion annually due to consumer fraud, according to the Insurance Information Institute. Here in Florida, there are around 300,000 consumer complaints issues each year, according to AARP, resulting in serious financial harm to hundreds of thousands of families. Consumers are protected under various state and federal laws, which set regulations for virtually everything from telemarketing to fair debt collection practices. Knowledge of these rules of which they must abide does not always stop parties from violating your rights. And, when they do so, you may have the opportunity to seek financial compensation for your damages. To hold a negligent party accountable for their actions, you need to work with an experienced Bradenton consumer protection lawyer.

Florida and Federal Consumer Protection Laws

In order for any attorney to achieve their client’s goals, they must have a total and comprehensive understanding of the laws surrounding consumer protection. Here in the United States and in Florida, a number of laws have been set in place to ensure that unscrupulous businesses do not take advantage of consumers. Our lawyers have a full understanding of these laws, which are listed below, and how to use them to achieve maximum compensation for our clients.

  • The Florida Telemarketing Act;
  • Truth-in-Lending Act;
  • Chapter 501 of the Florida Statutes;
  • Fair Credit Billing Act (FCBA);
  • Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA); and
  • The Telephone Consumer Protection Act.

Immediate Actions to Take if You Suspect Your Rights Have Been Violated

Most people have no idea what steps they should take when they suspect that a company is violating their rights, such as enacting the practice of harassing, non-stop telemarketing phone calls. However, there is an order of events that we have detailed below for you to take in the event that you have been taken advantage of by a fraudulent or exploitative business.

  1. Call or Contact the Fraudulent Party:The first step is to simply call or email the business and tell them what the problem is. A company acting in good faith will likely apologize and make the situation right. A fraudulent party will not, and either continue the practice or deny negligence.
  2. File a Report With the Florida Lawyer General’s Office: Assuming that the business has failed to remedy the situation after contacting them, you should file a consumer rights complaint with the Florida Lawyer General’s office or to a consumer protection agency.
  3. Protect Yourself: Depending on what type of fraud you are the victim of, you may need to freeze your credit card, have a fraud alert issued on your name by a credit reporting agency, or take another action that will provide relieve in the immediate future.
  4. Hire an Attorney: The only way that you will be fairly compensated for your losses is if you work with an experienced Bradenton consumer protection attorney.

A Bradenton Consumer Protection Lawyer Can Help You Today

Here at with Suncoast Civil Law, each of our consumer protection attorneys is experienced in assisting victims of all types in the recovery of compensation to amend their damages.

To schedule a case evaluation with one of our Bradenton consumer protection attorneys, call 941-366-1800 today.

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