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Bradenton Probate Litigation Lawyer

Probate is the Florida court process for executing the terms of a will, distributing assets, resolving disputes, and wrapping up a deceased person’s final affairs. There are numerous activities and required tasks with estate administration, so the proceedings affect parties in different ways. Some of these individuals and entities have conflicting interests, leading to disputes that must be addressed by the court. If you are in a position to protect or defend your rights, you will do so through a lawsuit termed probate litigation.

As with any legal matter, representation is critical for lawsuits involving estate administration. You can rely on our team at Suncoast Civil Law to be at your side, as we have meticulous knowledge of Florida probate laws. Our attorneys also possess solid trial advocacy skills, developed through extensive experience in the courtroom. Please contact us today to set up an initial consultation with a Bradenton probate litigation lawyer who can provide personalized details. Some information about common types of estate lawsuits is also useful.

Litigation in Florida Estate Administration

You might not realize the wide array of parties involved with a typical probate case, starting with the executor in a will or the personal representative appointed when there was no will. There are also heirs of the decedent, beneficiaries who receive distributions of assets, and parties that have a financial claim against the estate. We provide essential support for common probate lawsuits, including:

  • Will Contests: If the circumstances surrounding the signing of a will are questionable, a person can file a will contest claiming incapacity, duress, or coercion.
  • Trust Litigation: Interested parties can also challenge the validity of a trust and the circumstances under which it was signed.
  • Breach of Fiduciary Duty: Personal representatives, executors, and trustees owe a fiduciary duty, so they can be held liable and removed from their position for misconduct.
  • Creditor Claims: Creditors are entitled to payment if they have a verified claim, but probate litigation may arise over disputes.

Support with Important Litigation Tasks

The statutes, case law, and court procedural rules are challenging for any type of lawsuit, so legal help is critical. Our Bradenton probate litigation Lawyers at Suncoast Civil Law will serve your needs with any type of case, no matter what your position. We are prepared to:

  • Consult with you on objectives and potential results of a lawsuit;
  • Investigate and conduct research on the relevant issues;
  • Collect evidence regarding your claim or allegations by other parties;
  • Discuss the lawsuit with opposing counsel in an attempt to reach an agreement on disputes, which is a preferred strategy over litigation;
  • Represent you during mediation if ordered by the court; and,
  • Advocate on your behalf at trial.

Consult with a Bradenton Probate Litigation Lawyer Today

You have rights and interests to protect as an interested party in estate administration, so legal representation is essential with lawsuits. For more information, please contact Suncoast Civil Law to schedule a confidential consultation with a Bradenton probate litigation lawyer. After reviewing your unique circumstances, we can advise you on the process.

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