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Sarasota Civil Litigation Lawyer

Civil litigation broadly refers to any non-criminal lawsuit. Essentially, any legal dispute where one party seeks money or some type of specific performance from another may lead to civil litigation. If you are a party to such a lawsuit, you need to work with a qualified Sarasota civil litigation lawyer.

Here are just some of the types of civil litigation matters our attorneys can help you with:

  • Business and contract litigation – Many civil lawsuits involve business relationships, such as breach of contract disputes. Civil litigation in this area may also include disagreements over intellectual property rights, unfair or deceptive trade practices, and misappropriation of business assets.
  • Real estate litigation – Like business litigation, most real estate litigation arises from alleged breaches of contract. This includes not only lawsuits arising from sales contracts–i.e., a buyer failing to close–but also problems with commercial leases.
  • Probate litigation – While most Florida trusts and estates are administered without problem, there are cases where you may need help from a Sarasota civil litigation attorney, including will contests, actions to demand an accounting from a trust, and conservatorship or guardianship petitions.
  • Foreclosure litigation – Many Florida homeowners face the threat of foreclosure lawsuits after falling behind on their mortgage payments. A lender cannot seize your home without obtaining a court judgment, however, and in many cases there are deficiencies in the mortgage paperwork that may convince a judge to set aside a foreclosure order.
  • Bankruptcy and creditor litigation – When an individual or business simply cannot handle their mounting debts, bankruptcy may be the only option. While many bankruptcies only require minimal interaction with the court, in some cases there may be extended litigation involving a creditor or other party who objects to the proceedings.

What To Look For In a Civil Litigation Attorney

Our attorneys understand that our primary responsibility is to you, the client. Attorneys are there to be advocates and advisers. Civil litigation is a complicated area of law that often overwhelms people. But you can make things much easier on yourself if you work with an attorney who:

  • understands the substantive and procedural aspects of Florida law;
  • possesses strong writing and speaking abilities;
  • knows how to deal with complex factual situations; and
  • has strong interpersonal skills and knows how to negotiate with other parties.

This last item is especially crucial. Most civil lawsuits are resolved outside of the courtroom. It is generally in everyone’s best interest to negotiate a settlement. But you need an attorney who understands that settling does not mean capitulating. Our Sarasota civil litigation lawyers are prepared to fight for your rights–and to do so in a thorough and professional manner.

The prospect of civil litigation may seem daunting, but it is not something to fear. We can guide you through every stage of the process and work to ensure the best possible outcome. Contact the offices of Suncoast Civil Law today at 941-366-1800 if you would like to schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys today.

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