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Bradenton Civil Litigation Lawyer

There are two branches of legal justice—criminal and civil. While the goal of a criminal case is to penalize the responsible party with fines and incarceration, the goal of a civil, non-criminal case is to compensate the injured party with funds allocated through the negligent party’s insurance carrier, or with that party’s assets directly. Civil lawsuits are long, drawn-out events that require astute concentration to detail, a strong ability to negotiate, and a keen eye when it comes to the fine print of contracts, state and federal laws, and insurance policies. The Bradenton civil litigation lawyers at Suncoast Civil Law are experienced in assisting clients in all of the following types of cases and more:

  • Business and Contract Litigation– If you are a business owner, going to court may seem daunting or even excessive. However, businesses of all sizes are likely to sue or be sued at some point. In fact, 90 percent of corporations are currently engaged in some type of litigation. The average U.S. corporation is engaged in 37 U.S. lawsuits, while the average corporation worth $1 billion or more is engaged in 147 lawsuits, according to the Insurance Journal. Smaller companies with fewer than 100 employees may find it necessary to sue a vendor, competitor, or business associate for a breach of contract, deceptive trade practice, or another dispute.
  • Real estate Litigation– Most real estate lawsuits revolve around breaches of contract, just as many business disputes do. Litigation of a breach of contract may revolve around a buyer failing to close, to issues with commercial leases.
  • Probate Litigation– Probate, the process of proving a will in court, is subject to litigation when various parties disagree on what is in the will or how the administrator performed their job.
  • Foreclosure Litigation– Florida has some of the highest foreclosure rates in the country, according to Attom Data Solutions, and litigation can be used to defend against a lender from taking your home. For instance, lenders cannot seize a property without first obtaining a court judgment. If a deficiency in the mortgage paperwork, a judge may set aside the foreclosure order.
  • Bankruptcy and Creditor Litigation– Bankruptcy, though usually not the first choice of a business owner or property owner, is often the only solution. Litigation is required in some bankruptcy cases, involving creditors and other parties who are in opposition to the bankruptcy proceedings.

The Strengths to Look For in an Experienced Civil Litigator

Civil litigation is a complicated, stressful time for business owners, property owners, and other individuals, which is why an attorney is essential in filing the lawsuit, fighting for your best interests in court, or negotiating a settlement if at all possible, which is usually the most desirable and financially beneficial option. Our Bradenton litigators have strong speaking abilities, thorough knowledge of Florida law, are competent in complicated factual situations, and have crucial interpersonal skills that make negotiations possible.

Our Bradenton Civil Litigators are Available to Take On Your Case Today

Litigation may seem like too big of an ordeal or to take on—a daunting task with no end in sight. Our Bradenton attorneys manage every aspect of litigation for you to maximize your compensation while ensuring that your personal life or business dealings are free to resume as normal. To schedule a consultation with Suncoast Civil Law, call us today at 941-366-1800.

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