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Sarasota Consumer Protection Lawyer

As a consumer, you have legal protections under several different state and federal laws. These laws regulate everything from false advertising to mortgage lending to the practices of debt collection companies. If a company violates your consumer rights, you must take action to hold them accountable for their misconduct.

At Suncoast Civil Law, our dedicated Sarasota consumer protection lawyers have helped many consumers fraud victims recover full and fair compensation for their damages. If you believe that your consumer rights were violated, please contact our legal team today for immediate legal assistance.

Consumer Protection Laws

Our Sarasota consumer rights lawyers have experience holding unscrupulous businesses liable under many different consumer protection regulations. We have a full understanding of the state and federal laws regarding consumer protection, and we know how to use these regulations to protect the legal rights and financial interests of our clients. Some examples of important consumer protection laws include:

  • Truth-in-Lending Act;
  • Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA);
  • Fair Credit Billing Act (FCBA);
  • Telephone Consumer Protection Act;
  • Chapter 501 of the Florida Statutes; and
  • The Florida Telemarketing Act.

What to Do If Your Consumer Rights are Violated

It can be extremely unsettling to have your consumer rights violated by a fraudster or bad-acting company. Apart from any monetary losses, it is normal to be left feeling taken advantage of and frustrated by the situation. You need to fight back. Specifically, you should:

  1. Contact the business or fraudster: Once you notice a problem, the first thing you should do is make a phone call or write an e-mail to the company that perpetrated the fraud. Here, you should briefly explain your problem and request that the company fix the issue. If the business is acting in good faith, they should take your complaint seriously.
  2. File an official report: If the company fails to make the situation right, you should consider filing an official report. Indeed, all consumer fraud and consumer rights violations should be reported to the Florida Lawyer General’s office or to other consumer protection agencies.
  3. Take steps to protect yourself: Next, you should take immediate action to protect yourself from being victimized a second time. What this entails will depend entirely on the specific facts of your case. Though, you may need to contact one of the credit reporting agencies to put out a fraud alert on your name. In cases of possible identity theft, you may want to freeze your credit.
  4. Hire an lawyer: Finally, you need to be able to get full and fair financial compensation for your damages. To do this, it is strongly recommended that you work with a qualified Sarasota consumer protection lawyer. Your lawyer will be able to review the individual circumstances of your case and determine what action needs to be taken to get you the financial recovery you deserve.

Contact Our Sarasota Consumer Protection Lawyers Today

At Suncoast Civil Law, we are proud to protect the legal rights and financial interests of consumers throughout Southwest Florida. If you were a victim of consumer fraud, or any other type of misconduct, please do not hesitate to contact our Sarasota office today at 941-366-1800 to schedule your confidential case evaluation.

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