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Bradenton Homeowners’ Association Dispute Lawyer

Florida has the highest number of condominiums in the country, with around 48,000 in the state, according to Community Associations Institute. Condominiums are run by Homeowners’ Associations (HOAs), as are other types of planned communities. There are certainly benefits to HOAs, such as having community space, landscaping, and building repair that all comes out of HOA dues—if your specific unit requires major repair to the exterior of the building, it will be covered with the entire community’s funds, not just your own. This added security is just one of many reasons why people choose to live in communities regulated by HOAs. However, there are of course downsides to HOAs. Mismanagement of funds, breaches of fiduciary duty, and unfair fees are just a few. When you, as an owner of a property managed by a Homeowners’ Association, have suffered damages as a result of mismanagement or any other type of damage, only an experienced Bradenton homeowners’ association dispute lawyer will be able to resolve the issue in your favor. The lawyers of Suncoast Civil Law, are familiar with all of Florida’s extensive laws covering HOAs, and will pursue maximum compensation for your losses.

The Success of Litigation Depends on a Thorough Investigation 

No two HOA communities are the same. All have their own set of rules and regulations, which is why HOA disputes can be so challenging. However, HOAs in Florida are all governed by the same set of laws. In order for a successful outcome in your case, your attorney must conduct an investigation into the matter, and thoroughly review the HOA documents in detail. Only then will your lawyer have a full understanding of your options, and what recourse you should take. Our lawyers provide this attention to detail, which is why our success rate is so high, and why the majority of our clients walk away from the dispute on the winning side.

Common HOA Disputes We Help Resolve

Common cases that our attorneys handle involve:

  • Breach of fiduciary duty;
  • Noise and disturbance disputes;
  • Breach of the HOA agreement;
  • Challenge of unlawful or unfair fees;
  • The HOA’s failure to properly maintain the common areas;
  • Defense of HOA foreclosure actions and evictions;
  • Property damage claims and insurance disputes;
  • Challenges of HOA liens;
  • Legal action against the unjust denial of new buyer or tenant; and
  • Selective enforcement of HOA rules.

Helping Victims of Consumer Fraud in Bradenton

Homeowners’ Associations are one of the fastest growing types of residence in the country; in the year 2000, just 45 million residents lived in HOA communities. In 2016, just under 70 million residents were housed in HOA communities, according to the Community Association Fact Book. Because of the rapid increase in HOAs, mismanagement, noise violations, and breaches of contract are all a growing concern. To resolve your dispute, litigation may be necessary. As such, you should only trust the most experienced attorney with this important task, and the Bradenton homeowners’ association dispute attorneys of Suncoast Civil Law have the experience necessary to win your case. Call us today at 941-366-1800 to schedule a consultation.

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