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Monthly Archives: January 2021


How Can I Get Out of a Lease Without Penalty?

By Moran, Sanchy & Associates |

Most lease agreements are signed as fixed-term rental leases. The lease states the duration of the tenancy, which is usually one year. Moving out or getting out of a lease before the expiration of the fixed term may lead to serious consequences, such as continuing to pay rent due until the end of the… Read More »


What Makes a Non-Compete Agreement Valid and Enforceable in Florida?

By Moran, Sanchy & Associates |

As competition between businesses has been more fierce than ever before, an ever-increasing number of business owners are using non-compete agreements to protect their companies from unfair competition. If you are a business owner who needs to protect their company interests from former employees, you could benefit from drafting a non-compete agreement (NCA) and… Read More »