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Monthly Archives: March 2021


How Can I Sue for Illegal Use of My Trademark in Florida?

By Moran, Sanchy & Associates |

In the modern era, intellectual property has a significant influence on brands’ reputation and sales. Trademarks are one of the elements of intellectual property that make a brand distinguishable from the competition. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon to see other individuals or companies using your trademark illegally. When this happens, you need to understand… Read More »


What Are the Best Alternatives to Business Litigation in Florida?

By Moran, Sanchy & Associates |

Disputes are an inevitable part of doing business. When you are facing a business dispute, it is essential to hire an experienced business litigation attorney in Florida to represent the best interests of your company. Contrary to popular belief, filing a lawsuit may not be the most effective and productive way to resolve disagreements… Read More »


What to Do if My Landlord Refuses to Return a Security Deposit?

By Moran, Sanchy & Associates |

Most landlords require a security deposit in addition to the first month’s rent. While collecting a security deposit, which is a refundable sum of money, is standard practice when renting apartments, houses, or commercial properties in Florida, there are instances when landlords refuse to return a security deposit after a tenant moves out. If… Read More »