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Do I Need The HOA’s Approval For Home Renovations In Florida?


If your home is in a homeowners’ association-governed community, you may need the HOA’s approval for home renovations. While you probably know that you need to obtain HOA’s approval for exterior renovations, you may be surprised to learn that you may also need the association’s approval for certain (but not all) interior renovations.

If you are considering renovating your home that is part of an HOA in Florida, do not hesitate to consult with a skilled attorney to determine whether you need the association’s approval for your specific renovations.

An attorney will review your HOA’s rules and regulations to determine what you can and cannot do without the association’s approval.

When is HOA’s Approval Required for Home Renovations?

HOAs create rules and regulations to increase property values. These rules exist to hold all property owners to the same standards, including restrictions for home renovations. In fact, you may need approval from your HOA when renovating both the exterior and interior of your property.

When HOA’s approval is required, a homeowner must submit proposed renovations to the association committee for approval before starting work. Almost every HOA requires homeowners to seek their approval for exterior renovations such as:

  • Adding, changing, or painting a fence;
  • Painting the house’s exterior;
  • Changing a roof; and
  • Changing or redecorating the front door.

These are not the only exterior renovations that must be approved by the association. Many HOAs also require approval for many types of interior renovations, such as removing walls, rewiring, changing the floor, and many more.

In fact, your HOA may also require the renovations to be completed by a professional who has the required licenses and permits to complete the project.

If the renovation is approved, the HOA will most likely want to inspect the renovation once its completed to ensure that:

  1. The repairs or renovation work was done as agreed upon; and
  2. The completed project complies with the association’s rules and regulations.

What Happens if I Do Renovations Without HOA’s Approval?

If you do not get approval from your HOA before the renovations begin, the association may require you to:

  • Stop the renovations until you get approval; or
  • Change the condition to how it was originally (if the renovations have been completed).

In fact, the HOA may even require you to redo the project even if it complies with the association’s rules and regulations. Making renovations without HOA’s approval is not worth the risk. It is best to avoid the trouble, stress, and unnecessary costs by seeking HOA’s approval before starting renovations.

How to Get HOA’s Approval for Home Renovations?

Every HOA has its own rules and regulations regarding approval for renovations. In fact, the approval process varies from one association to another. That is why you should contact your association’s board of directors to learn about the process.

You should also contact a skilled attorney to review the HOA’s rules and regulations to determine whether or not you need the association’s approval for home renovations in your particular case.

Seeking HOA’s approval for any minor renovation or remodeling work can be a daunting task. If any disagreements arise, do not hesitate to speak with a Sarasota homeowners’ association dispute lawyer. Contact our attorneys at Suncoast Civil Law to talk about your particular situation. Call 941-366-1800 today.