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Tortious Interference in Florida


In the highly competitive Florida business world, companies are constantly doing everything in their power to gain an edge. While high levels of competition can create growth and drive our economy, this competitive spirit can lead to potentially illegal behavior and lines can be crossed. One of the most common occurrences of illegal business activities is when a company tries to convince another party to breach their contract with another firm to instead do business with them. This behavior is known as tortious interference.

Tortious Interference Claims

If you suspect another company of tortious interference, you may be able to pursue a tortious interference with contract claim. In order to find out if you should pursue a tortious interference claim, it is best that you speak with an experienced Florida business litigation attorney about your case. Florida law provides that the following points must all be proven in order to succeed in your tortious interference with contract claim:

  • The defendant knew a business contract existed between the plaintiff and the third party;
  • The contract between the third party and plaintiff was valid;
  • The defendant knowingly tried to induce a breach of the contract between the plaintiff and third party;
  • The defendant was not legally justified to take the actions they took;
  • The actions of the defendant resulted in damages.

Tortious interference with contract can occur if just one of the provisions in the contract between the plaintiff and third party is violated. It is a common misconception that the entire contract must be affected for the plaintiff to have a valid case.

Seeking Damages

In the event that you are successful in your tortious interference with contract claim, it is likely that you will be awarded damages. In this type of case, damages will be awarded via financial compensation for the loss suffered because of the defendant’s interference. Damages will be calculated in order to make-up for the loss caused by the breach of contract.


If you have been accused of tortious interference with contract, a business litigation attorney can design your defense based on one of the following premises:

  • You did not know a contract between the plaintiff and third party existed;
  • You did not intend to disrupt the contract between the plaintiff and third party;
  • The contract between the plaintiff and third party was going to be disrupted regardless of what you did;
  • The contract between the plaintiff and third party was not valid;
  • The contractual breach simply did not occur.

Let Us Assist You with Your Case

If you suspect that someone is interfering with your contractual business relationships, it is important that you take this threat extremely seriously. Seemingly benign tortious interference with a contract can have significant financial consequences. With the help of a knowledgeable Florida business litigation attorney you can get the help you need as you pursue this potentially crippling dilemma. Your attorney will be able to review the situation and the contract and identify if any breach has occurred. At Suncoast Civil Law, our dedicated team of business litigation attorneys is prepared to work with you and zealously advocate on your behalf. For more information, call us at 941-366-1800 for a confidential case evaluation.