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Monthly Archives: April 2021


How Can I Sue a Company for Telephone Harassment?

By Moran, Sanchy & Associates |

Many companies use the so-called robocalls and automatic telephone dialing systems (autodialers) to call consumers and provide unsolicited information, advertisement, or even threaten them with legal action (this often happens when dealing with a debt collection company). However, there is a fine line between permissible telemarketing calls and telephone harassment. Under the Telephone Consumer… Read More »


A Step-by-Step Guide for Closing a Florida Business

By Moran, Sanchy & Associates |

Closing their company is difficult for any business owner, especially if you have spent a significant amount of time, energy, and money into building it from scratch. However, when it is no longer profitable to operate your business, dissolution may be the only viable option. Contrary to popular belief, it is not that easy… Read More »