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Monthly Archives: May 2023


Estate Law And The Florida Guardianship Process

By Suncoast Civil Law |

When a person loses the ability or capacity to care for themselves and make their own decisions, various Florida rules and regulations stipulate a process and procedure for that person’s family (or a professional guardian) to be appointed as a legal guardian. A legal guardian is an individual with the legal authority to make… Read More »


What Is Undue Influence In Florida Probate Law?

By Suncoast Civil Law |

The very last thing anyone wants to do immediately after experiencing the death of a loved one is to jump into court and endure a heated legal battle over your loved one’s estate. Unfortunately, it is an all-too common reality for many in Florida. This can be particularly true, and particularly heartbreaking to live… Read More »


Repaying Debts In Florida Probate

By Suncoast Civil Law |

You might be hard pressed to find someone who says that when they think about their future inheritance, what they’re looking forward to is settling all of the unpaid bills or accumulated debts in the estate. However, just as an estate may leave behind certain assets, it may also pass down unpaid bills or… Read More »


What Should You Do Before Withholding Rent Due To A Code Violation?

By Suncoast Civil Law |

Rent nowadays is not cheap. Many people work long hours every day in order to make ends meet. One thing that all of this work is supposed to guarantee, in many people’s minds, is that their landlord will be responsive and sufficiently address any significant deterioration of the home. Florida statutes require landlords to… Read More »