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Tag Archives: Florida Foreclosure Defense


Florida Supreme Court Case Could Determine Future of Foreclosure Defense Cases

By Suncoast Civil Law |

A new Florida Supreme Court case that involves foreclosure defense and the ability for attorneys to collect attorneys’ fees is gaining widespread attention, as well as concern from those who bring these types of cases if/when lenders are quickly (and possibly mistakenly and/or in bad faith) foreclosing on property. Not only could the case… Read More »


The First Steps in Preparing Your Foreclosure Defense

By Suncoast Civil Law |

Foreclosure is, unfortunately, a reality that many Americans have to deal with, especially as our economy and the job market continue to change. In April alone, there were more than 64,000 properties with a foreclosure filing nationwide. There are a number of housing markets where foreclosures are picking back up. Typically, a foreclosure starts… Read More »


South Florida Court Raises Questions for Foreclosure Defense Cases

By Suncoast Civil Law |

A recent foreclosure defense case out of South Florida has many borrowers concerned. Specifically, in this case, although the borrowers ultimately won the case against the bank, they were not awarded attorneys’ fees. Below, we discuss some additional details of the case and decision, and also provide some guidance on how those of us… Read More »


Foreclosure Defense Case Could Have Major Implications for Homeowners

By Suncoast Civil Law |

A major case to recently come out of the Maine Supreme Court could have implications for foreclosure defense cases all over the country: In September, the Maine Supreme Court ruled that the mortgage company was barred from bringing another foreclosure lawsuit against the homeowners after the lower court dismissed the lawsuit. The ruling is… Read More »