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Monthly Archives: January 2023


Contingent Payment Clauses In Florida Construction Contracts

By Suncoast Civil Law |

The state of Florida has been a hub for construction for years. This has been particularly true in recent years during the real estate market boom. In the past few years, the housing and property market has skyrocketed. As is so often said, land is a good investment – they are not making any… Read More »


Highlighting Some Risks Of Joint Ownership In Florida Estate Planning

By Suncoast Civil Law |

Florida’s probate process is infamous for a reason. The time cost, public record, and expense that inherently come with the process make it a no-brainer for many savvy Floridians to utilize estate planning tools in order to minimize the amount of probate the estate will have to go through. One popular option is to… Read More »


Failure To Pay HOA Can Result In Foreclosure

By Suncoast Civil Law |

When subject to a community Home Ownership Association (HOA), everyone can appreciate the appeal and benefit behind such luxuries as meticulously kept grounds, a gleaming community pool, or a well-stocked community gym. However, given the high monthly cost of some HOA fees, it is no wonder that some choose to skip the experience entirely…. Read More »


Kanye West Lawsuit Highlights Contract Breach In Rental Contracts

By Suncoast Civil Law |

Kanye (Ye) West was recently sued by a Florida business for breach of contract after he “refused to pay (Plaintiff) for the reservation, customization, and use of its rental space as a recording studio.” The space in question is a “shoppable showroom” with curated art collections and other design and furniture pieces. The diverse… Read More »


What Is A Valid Will In Florida, And What Happens If Someone Dies Without One?

By Suncoast Civil Law |

There’s an old saying that reflects “only two things in life are certain: death, and taxes.” Fortunately for many governments, and unfortunately for the layman, often family members who are left behind after a loved one passes will be paying taxes on the death as well. Proper estate planning tailored to your specific assets… Read More »